Process optimization thanks to powerful evaluations

Big data, one of the buzzwords of our time. Data is being collected everywhere, but how to analyze it to good effect and, ideally, process it to have a positive impact on your processes?

Thanks to the integration with ERP and CRM, you can obtain unprecedented insights into your customer relationships. A proper analysis of the data from Marketing, Commerce, Sales, and Service provides the necessary basis for your decision-making. With itmX analytics, you will integrate modern reporting solutions with classic reports and dashboards as well as some innovative functions (e.g. involving the use of artificial intelligence) to optimize your CRM processes.

Quick test: How well are you equipped where analytical CRM is concerned?

  • Do you require reliable, recent information as a basis for operational, strategic, and tactical decision-making?
  • Would you like to utilize the potential of your existing corporate data for analyses?
  • Would you like to utilize the potential of your existing corporate data for analyses?

If you can answer all these questions in the affirmative, then you are probably using itmX analytics already. If not, you may wish to contact us.

Equip your staff with itmX analytics to enable them to make the right decisions in every situation on the basis of the right information from Marketing, Commerce, Sales, and Service.

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Business benefits from itmX analytics at a glance

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Overview of itmX analytics modules

Use the different possibilities of integrated reporting within the itmX CRM suite and offer your staff the means to make decisions on the basis of insightful analyses. Intelligent dashboards, individual queries, as well as the display of results in diverse graphics, including pivot tables, can be used directly.
Make good use of the BI.Boosters and implement them in your process and system landscape quickly and smoothly. Predefined data models and analyses for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), SAP Business Warehouse Edition for SAP HANA, and SAP BW/4HANA will make it significantly easier for you to set up and use reporting.
Connect your future or existing cloud-based reporting solution (such as SAP Analytics Cloud, MS Power BI, or Qlik) with your CRM system and gain immediate benefits from the smooth integration.


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