Full transparency for the customer

Social media and messenger services are changing the way we communicate. These days, customers expect prompt and meaningful replies from you as a manufacturer or service provider. Long waiting times or a lack of transparency are seen as poor service.

With itmX customer portals, you can offer your customers direct access to the data relevant to them and impress them with total transparency. Besides the order placement function, your customers can view past orders, deliveries, invoices, and much else in real time.

Quick test: How well are you equipped where e-commerce is concerned?

  • Do you have a consistent brand image across all sales channels for your entire product portfolio?

  • Is all relevant product or machine information transparently accessible to your customers?

  • Can your customers access their past purchase orders and sales orders themselves?

  • Do you operate an online spare parts shop for your customers?

If you can answer all these questions in the affirmative, then you are probably using itmX customer portals already. If not, you may wish to contact us.

Optimize your customer relationships with transparency and useful functions for your customers with itmX customer portals!

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Business benefits from itmX customer portals at a glance.

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Overview of itmX customer portals modules

Offer your customers a customer-specific portal page with access to all important documents. This will provide them with full transparency about all past quotations and orders as well as the current delivery status.

Use itmX customer portals in conjunction with itmX commerce to provide your customers not only with total transparency about their purchase history but with a new shopping experience as well. With the aid of exploded-view drawings, your customers will be able to handle the straightforward ordering of spares themselves quickly and with ease.


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