Turn customers into real fans? Nothing could be easier! – With the right CRM.

The be-all and end-all for tomorrow’s business success: successful customer service and digitization. Both are easy thanks to itmX service! Establish a seamless digitized process from message acceptance to quoting to order processing with subsequent invoicing. Simple, fast, efficient, seamless.
With the help of itmX service, you can ensure customer satisfaction even after the sale of a product, turn happy customers into real fans and successful service into new business opportunities.

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What is in itmX service

Service portals as the key to successful customer discovery

Integrate the customer specifically into your processes through self-service scenarios

Modern Business for your processes

Comprehensive functionality meets intuitive operation

If digitizing customer service is as easy as writing a piece of paper then  itmX service is it – thanks to the unparalleled combination of complete integration and intuitive operation:

All products of the itmX crm suite are as user-friendly as Microsoft Office with full data access to SAP ERP and seamlessly connected. This means you can also easily use important data from commerce, marketing, analytics and sales and further optimize your processes.

Say goodbye to paperwork at last.

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Virtual Xperience: die gesamte itmX crm suite hautnah erleben

In unserer virtuellen Erlebniswelt finden Sie spannende Infos zu allem was Sie brauchen, um Ihre Customer Journeys zu optimieren. Schauen Sie vorbei, hier gibt es einiges zu entdecken!

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