Transform your existing data into meaningful insights with Power BI

Data are the true treasures of a company. But just collecting the data is not enough to use it meaningfully and purposefully.

Provide your users in marketing, sales and service – but also beyond – with meaningful business intelligence analyses and key figures so that your business develops sustainably.

Added value through business intelligence for you and your employees

Every day, a large amount of data is created in your company. Regardless of whether it is purely internal information (e.g. as part of process flows) or data generated in exchanges with external customers or partners – all of this data can help you to continuously develop. But what exactly are the measures that drive your business forward? What data do you already have available today and how can it be put to good use? Which key figures can support you in this?

This is exactly where Business Intelligence with Power BI comes in!

  • Let your data speak

  • Identify trends and developments in your data
  • Define the right actions from your new findings

  • Optimize your processes sustainably

  • Set the course for a successful future

  • Create transparency in your business areas

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The right implementation of Business Intelligence in your company

Entrepreneurial success is increasingly linked to the digitalization of business processes in marketing, sales and service. We help you analyze and build these in the best possible way. In this way, you create real added value for your employees! In doing so, you benefit from our many years of CRM experience coupled with the possibilities of Microsoft 365.

  • Simple: The preparation of the data must be simple in order to be able to quickly grasp the important information.

  • Exact fit: The business intelligence analyses must fit the use case and the needs of the end users exactly. Only then can real added value be generated.

  • Integrated: Your personal business intelligence must be linked to all internal and external source systems that are necessary for the business process and its control. These can be other data sources in addition to the familiar systems, such as the SAP or CRM system.

How to integrate business intelligence into your business units

The toolkit for successful business intelligence

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itmX crm suite

itmX crm suite

The integrated CRM Suite for your Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce

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The strong ERP for your business

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

The comprehensive BI analysis tool
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Theobald Software

Theobald Software

The simple SAP data integration layer
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Data management in the cloud
Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server

SQL Server

The Data Management on Premise

Microsoft Power BI

itmX business intelligence relies on Microsoft Power BI.

Benefit from powerful innovation, a large community and full integration with the Microsoft Power Platform with the leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrants for Analytics und BI Platforms 2021*.

Microsoft Partner BI

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Robin Hartmann
Robin HartmannHead of Modern Workplace & Business Intelligence