Ensure proximity throughout the customer journey

A prospective or existing customer will be in touch with your company throughout the sales process, but will probably have made contact long before already. It is important to make a good first impression. And there will be further pieces of information collected along the customer journey that need to be collated to good effect.

With itmX marketing, you will be at your client’s side throughout the customer journey and equip your staff with useful tools for lead nurturing, campaign management, and marketing automation.

Quick test: How well are you equipped where marketing is concerned?

  • Do you need comprehensive selection options for CRM and ERP data to create address lists for your newsletter or for events?

  • Can your staff in Marketing review the response to each campaign – and can they communicate directly with the customers via social media?

  • Are you interested in enriching your CRM and ERP data with useful marketing information to provide the perfect 360° view?

If you can answer all these questions in the affirmative, then you are probably using itmX marketing already. If not, you may wish to contact us.

From inbound marketing to valuable customers with the sophisticated processes of itmX marketing!

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Business benefits from itmX marketing at a glance

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Overview of itmX marketing modules

Define your target groups for events or campaigns on the basis of all available data from your ERP and CRM systems. You can, for instance, quickly and easily select the contacts to whom you have sold a specific product in recent years or who are using a competitor’s machine before starting the campaign management.

Access all existing data from the itmCRM suite to address the appropriate prospects and customers. You will be alerted to hard bounces or instances of people unsubscribing from the newsletter directly in the CRM, ensuring total transparency in one system.

The itmmarketing automation software powered by Evalanche will support you in your customer acquisition and help you increase customer value. Personal communication via self-directed processes through a great variety of channels must be ensured all along the customer journey. This will deliver results: greater reach, better conversion rates, and higher sales.


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