As a construction supplier, you know only too well how complex the network of relationships in the industry is – this makes decision-making processes more difficult, as access to the actual decision-makers is often very difficult. But price pressure is also steadily increasing and deadlines are becoming tighter. Add to this global competition and regionally varying cost factors – all of these factors put pressure on the earnings situation of manufacturers.

This is precisely why it is essential that information is collected, structured, condensed and made available to all parties involved at a very early stage. In addition, all complex processes along your value chain must be mapped without gaps – this is crucial for success. Get ready for the digital future and increase the productivity of your entire value chain.

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Impress your customers with integrated processes from the offer to all service phases.

With the itmX crm suite, you map all essential processes around marketing, sales and service. This way you lay the foundation for an eXperience that will inspire your business partners.

Thanks to the complete SAP ERP integration, you can seamlessly integrate existing processes and have access to all relevant data at any time:

  • Current prices and availability of your products
  • Delivery status of specific orders
  • Order history
  • Financial status and open items of your business partners

Holistic customer management

Gain a competitive edge with your customer service. An end-to-end process from initial contact to invoicing.

Seamless integration into your SAP ERP system gives you full access to all relevant customer data at all times – online and offline. Thanks to the 360° view, you get a complete view of your business partners (investors, planners,wholesalers and specialist dealers, processors, …) and thus lay the foundation for professional management of your customer relationships.

  • Employees always up to date – quick overview of all sales-relevant objects, documents and offers
  • SAP ERP integration provides easy and fast access to financial status, customer-specific conditions and latest orders
  • With itmX marketing automation you deliver target group and customized content to your customers
itmX crm suite

Object qualification – identifying and qualifying construction projects at an early stage

Collect, structure and condense information in a central location, even in very early project phases. In this way, you provide every employee in sales with the information they need.

  • Information available directly at a central location
  • Support sales staff at the right time with active recommendations for action
  • Make the right decisions with the least amount of time

Object tracking – 360 ° view of your objects

Support your sales department in the structured processing of construction projects that are planned or under construction. TheDie itmX crm suite supports your sales staff in the further development of qualified object leads. In doing so, you manage all important information and documents on relevant construction projects in a central location and immediately recognize which phase the construction project is currently in, how high the volume is and who the key players are.

  • Complete documentation across all project phases
  • An overview of the object pipeline at all times
  • All submission dates at a glance
  • Visualization of objects on a map
itmX crm suite

These processes ensure well-organized property management

itmX sales - crm; Vorschau auf Computer

Mobile CRM

The itmX sales app gives you access to all relevant information about your customers and properties while you are on the move. Record new contacts, create visit reports and trigger follow-up processes. This allows you to complete important tasks directly after your customer appointment and no longer have to postpone them to off-peak times.

  • 360° view of the customer: Customer data, offers, contracts also on the go
  • Digital object and order entry directly from the app
  • Do appointment and task management on the go
  • on- und offline

Different companies, similar challenges

You have questions? We have the answers!

In the construction supply business, you are particularly dependent on fast response times and precise information. By using a CRM system, you network all processes along your value chain. In concrete terms, this means that every employee, from marketing to sales to customer service, has a holistic view of all customer and contact information and can use it efficiently. The 360° view of your customers is the basis for networked services and contributes significantly to the success of your company.

In a nutshell:

  • Continuous and transparent process from initial contact to invoicing.
  • 360° view of customers and objects
  • Optimal object qualification and object tracking
  • Efficient and informative sales through direct access to all customer and property information
  • Effective marketing campaigns through target group-specific selection options
The “digital customer” is now also a reality in construction. More and more builders, architects and planners are going online and gathering information on the web. In addition, increasing digitization is giving rise to new sales channels that may permanently change the established three-tier sales channel. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to actually know your target group and their customer journey and ideally to actively help shape it. The associated transparency in the view of the customer requires a data model designed for the future as well as consistent system-side mapping. And this is precisely where integrated CRM plays a central role in enabling a “true 360° view of the customer. Information from sales and service can thus be made available to marketing, for example, in order to provide focused information to the appropriate target groups. Those who consistently pursue this approach will measurably and permanently increase their market success.
In times when land is scarce, projects are delayed and processors tend to focus on standard solutions, it is becoming increasingly important to obtain new project information at a very early stage. Once the relevant decision-makers have been identified, they must be provided with suitable information in a targeted and consistent manner and relationships must be built up. This is the only way to place product features and complete system solutions at a very early stage in the planning process and thus increase your chances of success.

In order to achieve consistent processes and to support your sales team in their daily work in the best possible way, your CRM should be able to map at least the following aspects:

  • Central management of objects, customers and business partners
  • Target group and campaign management
  • Object lead management
  • Object tracking and 360° view of your objects and customers
  • Relationship and contact management
  • Mobile CRM for the field service
  • Dashboards & analytics
  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP
Our experience proves us right. Through numerous customer projects with construction suppliers, we are familiar with your industry and your requirements. One of the unique selling points of the itmX crm suite is its seamless integration into SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA), which hardly any other CRM solution offers. With itmX crm suite, you connect marketing, sales and customer service in such a way that you always have a fully comprehensive view of your construction projects, business partners and customers.

An excerpt of our highlights:

  • The best of the SAP and Microsoft worlds).
  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA)
  • Seamless integration into the world of Microsoft 365 (e.g. Teams, Sharepoint)
  • Integrated and networked processes from initial contact to invoicing
  • Object lead management to capture construction projects at an early stage
  • Object tracking for structured processing of projects planned or under construction
  • Relationship and contact management to map complex networks
  • Mobile CRM for the most important information in your pocket

Would you like to learn more about the opportunities itmX crm offers in the construction and construction supply industry? Our experts look forward to hearing from you.

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So helfen wir Ihnen, den kompletten Customer Lifecycle Ihrer Kunden abzubilden

  • End-to-end processes from quotation to customer service – fully integrated into your SAP ERP
  • Mapping of the installed base and its history
  • 360° view of prospects, customers, competitors, partners
  • integrated collaboration tools
  • central contract management
  • integrated document management incl. versioning
  • MS Office 365 integration
  • digital product presentation and mobile order entry for your sales force
  • Meaningful reporting on all sales activities

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