As a retailer, you know exactly that efficient and fast order processing and the seamless mapping of your trading processes are crucial for success.

This includes holistic customer management, which takes into account all your processes and relationships between you and your customers and trading partners, so that all relevant information and evaluations such as condition agreements, product listings, sales analyses and customer-related key figures are available exactly when they are needed.

With the itmX crm suite for marketing, sales and service, you can meet all the requirements for your customer and partner management and map your processes – B2B2C or B2R – fully integrated into your SAP ERP . This means that you have access to all the data you need at all times and always have a 360° view of trading partners and customer data.

The best SAP-based CRM for retail

Kundenmanagement im Handel

Holistic customer management

Keep an eye on all customer activities at all times and react quickly and in real time to individual customer and market requirements. Optimize and simplify your sales structures and ensure an end-to-end process from initial contact to invoicing.

Thanks to the seamless integration of your processes and customer relationships into your SAP ERP system, you have full access to all the data you need at all times – both online and offline and without any interface.

  • Employees have access to all relevant information such as condition agreements, contracts, product listings and promotions at any time

  • Create evaluations and access reports and analyses such as sales analyses, period comparisons and potential analyses

  • Support your 3-stage sales through the targeted (end) customer and partner approach

Digital product presentation

Always maintain a 360° view of all relevant customer data, even in the field. Make your sales force secure in the sales pitch by having access to information about current orders, open offers, prices and promotions, etc. at any time. With the digital product catalogue incl. With direct order entry, you no longer have to go through catalogs during customer appointments and can react flexibly to customer requests.

  • On the go, a 360° view of customer data such as offers, contracts, price lists, listings,…

  • Digital product presentation and order entry directly from the app, remotely and on-site

  • Mobile visit planning, implementation and follow-up

itmX product Catalog Tablet
toolX Serviceportal

Digital Sales Channels – Retail Partner Portal and Webshop

Offer your customers and partners direct access to relevant data and functions online. In addition to the ordering function, your customers can retrieve invoices, deliveries and orders as well as submit complaints – in real time.

Link itm X customer portals with itmXcommerce and offer your customers simplified order processing.

  • Optimal multichannel sales – cover your commerce and stationary processes – easily via portal

  • Product and commodity information and prices available in real time

  • Different B2R and partner functionalities

  • Efficient complaint management

  • Cross- and up-selling and promotions individually tailored to the customer

itmX sales - crm; Vorschau auf Computer

Mobile CRM

With theitmX sales app , you get access to all relevant information about your customers on the go. Record new contacts, create visit reports, and trigger follow-up processes. This allows you to complete important tasks directly after your customer appointment and no longer have to postpone them to off-peak times.

  • 360° view of the customer: customer data, offers, contracts, call-offs and relevant analyses are also on the go

  • Manage appointments and tasks on the go

  • Checking in-store placements (Storecheck)

The itmX crm suite speaks for itself – and enthusiastic customers for us!

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In retail, you are particularly dependent on fast response times and precise information. By using a CRM system, you connect all processes along your value chain. In concrete terms, this means that every employee, from marketing to sales and customer service, has a holistic view of all customer and contact information and can use it efficiently. The 360° view of your customers is the basis for networked services and contributes significantly to the success of your company.


  • End-to-end and transparent process from initial contact to invoicing
  • 360° view of customers and partners
  • Efficient and informative sales through direct access to all customer information
  • Effective marketing campaigns through target group-specific selection options

Today, customers expect the same services from B2B companies that they are used to in the private sector from Amazon, Netflix and Co. In order to achieve this, a complete digitalization of all processes and areas is unavoidable. A 360° view is the basis for networked services in the company to meet the rapidly growing customer expectations. It thus makes a significant contribution to the company’s success.

In retail, efficient processes are crucial for business success. However, the processes are often multi-layered and the data complex. In order to be able to act efficiently here, the interaction of the departments involved is decisive for success.

In order to achieve end-to-end processes and connect marketing, sales and customer service, your CRM should be able to map at least the following points:

  • Holistic customer management
  • Audience & Campaign Management
  • Relationship & Contact Management
  • Mobile CRM for Field Service
  • Multichannel via. Portal (covering online and brick-and-mortar processes)
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP

Our experience proves us right. With numerous customer projects in mechanical and plant engineering, we understand your industry and your requirements. The unique selling point of our CRM suite is the direct integration into SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA), which hardly any other provider can map. Our itmX crm suite connects marketing, sales and customer service so that you always have everything in view.

An excerpt of our highlights:

  • Direct integration into SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA)
  • Networked processes from initial contact to invoicing
  • Opportunity radar to assess feasibility and profitability
  • Direct connection of external configuration solutions
  • Integration of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams
  • Mobile App for Field Service
  • Webshop and customer self-service portal (B2B & B2B2C)

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of itmX crm in retail? Our experts look forward to hearing from you.

itmX service - crm; Vorschau auf Computer

In this way, we help you to map the complete customer lifecycle of your customers

  • Continuous processes from quotation to customer service – fully integrated into your SAP ERP
  • Mapping of the installed base and its history
  • 360° view of prospects, customers, competitors, partners

  • Integrated collaboration tools
  • Central contract management
  • Integrated document management incl. Versioning

  • MS Office 365 Integration

  • Digital product presentation and mobile order entry for your field service
  • Meaningful reporting on all sales activities

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