Turn your leads into enthusiastic customers

Turning leads into satisfied customers, recognizing the cross-selling and upselling potential of existing customers at an early stage, providing the most accurate forecasts possible to the management – you as a salesperson keep the company running.

We support you in maintaining a comprehensive overview and fully exploiting your sales potential. As a result, you will improve your customer satisfaction, achieve your orders faster and thus increase the success rate.

How to make your sales activities a success

How to stay on top of things – from lead to project completion

  • Clear customer and contact management

  • Efficient lead management
  • professional visit management
  • Integrated collaboration tools
  • intuitive order management incl. variant configuration, pricing, order lists,…
  • Central contract management
  • Integrated document management incl. Versioning

  • MS Office 365 Integration

  • digital product presentation and mobile order entry
  • Meaningful reporting on all sales activities

Learn in minutes how sales professionals delight their customers with a seamless customer journey.

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