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Each of our customers is unique and has its own individual CRM system requirements. Discover an excerpt of our CRM success stories told directly by our customers here. Find out how itmX can also help you take your eXperience to the next level.

Customer testimonials

“The introduction of the Marketing Automation solution from itmX was a logical step for us towards the digitalization of marketing and sales.  The goal was not only to be able to better map the needs of customers, but also to think in terms of holistic campaigns rather than individual measures. Through the interface to our existing CRM, we were able to create an integrated solution that maps the entire customer journey in one system. Leads generated by marketing can be easily transferred to sales and processed further there. In this way, new and existing customers can be optimally supported and the collaboration between marketing and sales becomes closer.”

Tabea Barho, Marketing Manager, Jauch Quartz GmbH

“Customer service is becoming more and more proactive and is increasingly developing into the extended arm of sales. Today, it is often the case that the first machine is sold by the sales department and the second by the service technician. Thanks to itmX crm, we have all the detailed information about the customer at our fingertips with just a few clicks – anywhere and at any time. This means that every colleague, regardless of whether they are from internal sales, sales or service, can provide information at any time. This has not only given our customer centricity a significant push upwards, but also increased our customer satisfaction.”

Reinhard Pfeffer, Process Manager Digitalization, WINTERSTEIGER AG

An excerpt of our CRM customers

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