Effiziente Vertriebsprozesse durch das Zusammenspiel von CRM & CPQ

You create complex and variant-rich products and want to delight your customers with your offers all around? This is possible – through the interaction of CRM and CPQ.

Efficient sales rpocesses through CRM & CPQ

What benefits do CRM and CPQ offer?

In the best case, CRM maps the entire customer journey, i.e., all processes from initial contact to after-sales service. All data that arises along the customer journey is maintained directly with the contact person, so that a 360° view of the customer can be accessed at any time. This ensures a perfect overview of the entire sales process.

New contacts are usually generated in marketing and nurtured with content, and in some cases qualified. Once a certain scoring value is reached, the Marketing Qualified Lead is transferred to Sales so that it can be further qualified until an opportunity arises.

At this point, the lead is already created in CRM with all known information in CRM. As soon as the first quote has to be created, a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is used for products with many variants.

  • Configure
    The first step is to create a rule-based configuration.
  • Price
    The price is then determined or the engineer-to-order costs are calculated. In the case of discounts, corresponding release workflows are triggered.
  • Quote
    The information is then converted into a CI-compliant layout, with offer comparisons and multilingualism also possible.

The advantages are obvious. Quotations can be created quickly and easily without having to dig through numerous Excel spreadsheets. This puts the customer and his individual requirements in the foreground. The hit rate can be increased by up to 30% with the use of a CPQ system.

The power of an integrated approach to CRM & CPQ

When CRM and CPQ work hand in hand, the strengths of the two systems can be used synergistically. The associated efficient processes shorten the sales cycle because cross-system workflows prevail and there is no duplicate data storage. This makes work very pleasant for all users and ensures a User Xperience that inspires. In addition, a customer-oriented offer can be made to each customer, because all relevant data from the CRM can be taken into account from Basis. Last but not least, the CPQ offer data can also be evaluated and documented in the CRM.

All these strengths clearly speak for the integration of CRM & CPQ, don’t they?

What can a successful integration of CRM and CPQ look like?

Effiziente Vertriebsprozesse durch das Zusammenspiel von CRM & CPQ

In the webinar “Efficient sales processes through the interaction of CRM & CPQ”, Ferhan Renner and I use a use case to show how the synergetic use of CRM and CPQ is possible. Download the webinar recording now for free!

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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