Successful customer management in-house and in the field

You have demanding customers. They know precisely what they want: a good product, excellent service, and fast response times through all media, from Facebook through to e-mail. This is where the working spheres of Marketing and Sales overlap. All your members of staff that interact with customers must be able to easily access the same data – in the office or on site at the customer’s.

The itmX sales CRM system is fully integrated with your SAP system. Thanks to this software, your sales staff and your marketing staff have a 360 degree view of your customers – without any system discontinuities and accessible from mobile devices too. This allows you to provide excellent service to your customers. Whatever question customers may ask: your staff will be able to provide the answer and keep them entirely satisfied.

Quick test: How good is your solution for marketing and sales?

  • Can your sales staff manage all customer master data, appointments, and opportunities in one solution?

  • Do your sales staff have access to all technical product data, the product catalog, and delivery periods while talking to customers on site?

  • Are your marketing staff aware of the response to every campaign, and can they also communicate directly with the customer via social media?

  • Are all your customer interactions and appointments already stored in one central location, accessible to all members of staff?

If you can respond to all these questions in the affirmative, then you are probably using the itmsales CRM already. If not, you may want to contact us.

With the itmX sales CRM system, you will be able to conduct sales appointments that will stay in the customer’s mind

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Business benefits from itmX sales at a glance

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Overview of itmX sales modules

Marketing, Sales, and Service: whoever interacts with the customer will have instant access to information on all the past activities relating to that customer, be it appointments, sales opportunities/projects, current sales orders, purchase orders, contracts, financial status, etc. Customer Relationship Management thus becomes a system for success.
Prospective and existing customers, contacts, opportunities, appointments, internal tasks, quotations and orders, weekly and route planning: all the data and information that your staff in Sales or Marketing will need are combined on one central platform. itmsales is integrated directly with the SAP ERP and offers integration with Outlook/Notes. That means that your staff will have all the required information to hand in one system – without any interfaces or system discontinuities and without duplicate data input.
itmX sales integrates all the processes involved in managing sales opportunities, projects, and sales activities, from the opportunity, order pricing, quotation, and order confirmation to the purchase order. Your processes will be mapped comprehensively.
The itmsales CRM system will support your marketing staff with the campaign planning, budgeting, and implementation. They will be able to create mailings and newsletters directly from within the system and track the response with just a few clicks. And the CRM reporting tool can be used to create ad-hoc analyses, among other things. But you can also integrate your existing applications on your journey towards marketing automation.


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