Microsoft Power Platform

The ultimate low-code/no-code platform for efficient web development

The Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful low-code/no-code platform that helps organizations optimize business processes and drive innovation. With a variety of tools and features, the Power Platform supports companies in their digital transformation.

For example, Power Apps can be used to develop custom applications without much programming knowledge, to automate processes with the help of Power Automate, and to evaluate data through Power BI in such a way that informed decisions can be made.

Digitize business processes with the Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is a cloud-based application platform that allows you to analyze and visualize your business data, automate processes, and build apps and virtual assistants for your customer communications – all without any coding knowledge.

Components of Microsoft Power Platform

Professional application development and data analysis with the Microsoft Power Platform

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Let’s build powerful apps without any coding skills

Together, we will become an app designer and create clever applications that will move your business forward without much effort and with just a few clicks. Whether it’s a local or browser-based app – the intelligent tool offers a wide range of possibilities.

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to use cases. One example we use in our company is an app for occupying our office space.

Together, we automate routine work with Power Automate

Let’s put an end to tedious routine tasks and connect a wide variety of applications with each other through automated workflows . Without much effort and without programming knowledge, we automate business processes either with predefined flow templates or with self-created flows. From simple push notifications to complex end-to-end processes , you can automate a lot with Microsoft Power Automate.

Power Automate Workflow
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Let’s let your data speak to Power BI

It’s time for us to turn your data into meaningful KPIs and visualize them in clear dashboards . Of course, you can also share them with your colleagues at any time. Whether on the desktop or on mobile devices – with just a few clicks, even large amounts of data can be clearly analyzed and visualized . Informed decisions, reliable forecasts, and accurate information – with Power BI, you always have the most important metrics with you.

Here’s what your visualized data could look like with Power BI

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Together, we create powerful chatbots for exceptional service experiences

Let us automate your communication with intelligent chatbots and offer your customers, business partners or employees a service experience that will be remembered.
The application examples are diverse: whether in customer service to answer frequently asked questions, in HR for onboarding new employees or in marketing for product consulting as part of lead generation.
Power Virtual Agents support you on all your communication channels: from websites to Microsoft Teams to Facebook, Instagram or Microsoft Power Apps – the virtual assistants give your teams more time to work on the relevant questions.

Digital chatbot

Our passion? Create integrated processes between SAP, Microsoft and CRM

The combination of the Microsoft cosmos and SAP provides companies with powerful solutions that can optimize business processes and seamlessly integrate data between worlds.

Power Automate can be used to automate processes and create workflows between SAP and other systems, such as .dem CRM. The combination of Power BI, CRM and SAP gives you comprehensive insights into your data. This allows for detailed data analysis and report creation to identify trends and key metrics. As a side note, Power BI dashboards can also be embedded directly into SAP or CRM systems to give any user easy access to important information.

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