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Information on the hazard situation log4j

Dear itmX CRM Community 👋,

in the middle of the Advent season a disturbing message reaches the whole IT world. We at itmX would also like to inform regarding the Log4Shell security vulnerability.

Many messages reach us that analyses and system checks are currently taking place within the server landscapes of our customers. You are probably also in the process of checking your systems and taking measures. This is extremely important because the security hole known as Log4Shell allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on the corresponding server and send manipulated requests. The consequences can be serious.

From the point of view of the Smart Business Client and itmX sales (Win10), there is no need for action. The vulnerable Java libraries are not in use. If you have an Apache server in use within your infrastructure or if you use a reverse proxy, we ask you to be careful! Please check these systems for possible vulnerabilities and contact your IT hosting service provider to discuss measures if necessary.

Further general information can also be found via the following link of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI): BSI – Vulnerability in log4j

We wish you all the best!

Your itmX Remote Services Team