Optimize your Lead-to-Order process with itmX marketing automation

Identifying the right time to deliver optimum content to a lead is one of the greatest challenges of our time. After all, a business can only generate genuine customers from leads if all parameters are met.

Use  itmX marketing automation powered by Evalanche with your customer acquisition and for increasing customer value.  itmX will help you throughout the customer journey, ensuring personal communication through a great variety of channels and generating greater reach, better conversion rates, and higher sales.

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Quick test: How well are you equipped where marketing automation is concerned?

  • Do you use automated processes to address your prospects and customers directly across all channels?
  • Are you already working with a marketing management tool to plan and implement your measures efficiently?
  • Do you have a facility for measuring and evaluating the results from individual marketing measures in order to draw the right conclusions for optimization?

If you can answer all these questions in the affirmative, you are probably using itmX marketing automation already. If not, you may wish to contact us.

Use personal multi-channel communication via itmX marketing automation in order to accompany your leads and existing clients throughout their customer journey!

Business benefits from itmX marketing automation at a glance

Overview of itmX marketing automation modules

Use newsletter marketing and lead management campaigns as a professional interface between Marketing and Sales. Segment and personalize the means by which you address the target groups, thereby purposefully controlling inbound and outbound measures
Optimize your Lead-to-Cash process by making use of the customizable methods of lead scoring and lead nurturing. In addition to using the entire campaign management functionality including e-mail marketing, landing pages, and social media, you can also automate workflows in order to be able to respond more quickly to new market circumstances.
Make use of sophisticated lead nurturing to convert your leads into genuine customers. You can use  itmX marketing automation to map your lead management and to identify the right time to provide the appropriate content to your prospects. That way, you can purposefully develop the leads obtained from your inbound marketing.


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