Chaos in projects? Put an end to it! With the right project management software

Whether it’s a customer project or an internal project: the handling of individual tasks and deadlines has given many a gray hair. Put an end to it! With itmprojectXperience powered by smenso Cloud, you ensure that all colleagues, regardless of department, are on the same page. Best of all, projectXperience is fully integrated into your itmX crm on request.

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This is what is in itmX projectXperience

#ModernProjectWorkplace: Collaboration, Agility and Transparency for Teams

itmX projectXperience is seamlessly integrated into the itmX crm suite. This allows you to transparently map all your projects – whether customer projects or internal projects – and control all tasks, resources and budgets that arise.

Never before has the processing of project tasks been so easy and convenient as with itmprojectXperience powered by smenso Cloud. Set milestones in the timeline so that no important deadline is missed, create status updates in real time, and if there is ever a conflict between the resources involved, you can solve it simply by dragging and dropping – after prior simulation, of course.

And because we like to have everything in one: The integration with Microsoft Teams also allows you to use  itmprojectXperience with all its functions directly in your Teams channels or group chats.

  • smenso Cloud Produktbilder - Portfolio
  • smenso Cloud Produktbilder - Tasks Boardview
  • smenso Cloud Produktbilder - Timeline
  • smenso Cloud Produktbilder - Workload
  • smenso Cloud Produktbilder - Status Report
  • smenso Cloud Produktbilder - Feedback
  • smenso Cloud Produktbilder - Microsoft Teams

But that was not everything – itmX projectXperience can do much more

  • Plan task and milestones
  • Project task workflows
  • Gantt chart for the progress of individual project tasks
  • Overview of project costs
  • Time and workload planning
  • Portfolio Timeline
  • integrated reporting
  • Global search: everything in one place, instantly findable
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Project collaboration
  • Feedback function
  • Find documents with artificial intelligence

Project management in practice: How itmX uses itmX projectXperience

Connect projectXperience with the tools you already love today

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