3 Dimensionen von Nachhaltigkeit

Three sustainability dimensions

Who thinks of sustainability primarily in terms of ecology – the protection of the environment, energy, water and waste?
But sustainability comprises a total of three dimensions. In addition to ecology, it also includes social and economic aspects. And that’s exactly where corporate sustainability comes in: with a holistic view and integration of sustainability at the strategic and operational level. As a CRM software company, we also see it as our responsibility to do our part, albeit in a small way, and we strive to get involved in these areas.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable development

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals also include the three dimensions of sustainability.
We at itmX would like to contribute to these goals step by step with our actions. Even when the company was founded, the SDGs were consulted and woven into the naming, values and strategy. The SDGs, where we see starting points for a contribution to a sustainable future in the context of our business activities, are highlighted by the size of the tiles.

SGDs bei itmX

What itmX and we itmXians stand for

Our company name reflects sustainability aspects of all three dimensions with which we identify and which determine our everyday life and actions – both internally and externally.

INNOVATION – stands for innovation in terms of our solutions, but also long-term thinking of the management and the itmXians.

TRUST – stands for trust and fairness, both between employees and toward customers.

MINDFULNESS – stands for the responsibility we have towards ourselves, but also towards our environment. Be it from a social or ecological perspective.

XPERIENCE – above all: the Xperience!

itmX people values

Stefan Eller


“My goal is to help other people – employees and customers alike – to develop positively. In doing so, values such as trust, sustainability and mindfulness are the pillars of my actions.”

itmX - NTT DATA Business Solutions; Managing Director Stefan Eller

What we are already doing today


We see two starting points for the implementation of sustainability at itmX: On the one hand, the internal view with sustainability efforts on an ecological, social and economic level, which concern the responsibility towards our employees, our environment and society. On the other hand, there is also the external view of our product with the question: How can we help our customers to make their processes a bit more sustainable with our product?

Sustainability aspects in figures

% of employees are women
% of itmXians take advantage of the JobRad offer
hours were invested in continuing education in 2021
trees planted with Plant for Planet between 2020 and 2021

What does sustainable software actually mean?

Sustainable software is characterized by a low impact on the environment along the life cycle and a limited use of resources. When assessing the sustainability of software, a variety of criteria are used in the categories of resource efficiency, potential hardware service life and autonomy of use  (Study Gröger et al.). Our CRM solution already meets part of the criteria, because the itmX crm suite is, among other things.

  • platform independent and portable
  • downward compatible
  • uninstallable
  • independent of third-party resources

As a result, there is a lower resource load from the software and the long-term use of the software can be guaranteed.

Nachhaltige Software auf Screen

Where is the journey heading?

Of course, we are aware that we are not perfect or perfect in any way. Sustainability is multi-layered and requires discussion and internal understanding of these issues.

Of course, we do not want to stop at this point, but strive to create even more actions and measures so that we can shape a more sustainable future together! This requires every single itmXian, but also our partners and customers play an important role!

We would like to encourage you as well: Every small step brings us closer to our goal and helps us to leave behind a world worth living in for future generations.

I am glad to be there for you!

Stefan Eller
Stefan EllerManaging Director

Just contact me via LinkedIn or Xing if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.
I look forward to the exchange with you!

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