Increase the success of your marketing activities

Convincing customer experiences, a personalized and privacy-compliant approach, as well as the transfer of qualified leads to sales – this is your top priority as a marketer.

We help you build long-term relationships with your prospects and customers. Together, we ensure that the right target group receives the right content at the right time.

How to lead your marketing activities to success

E-Book Marketing Automation im Mittelstand

Learn how Marketing Automation can also be implemented in medium-sized businesses and integrated with CRM

Lead Nutruring

From lead to deal – converting leads into opprtonuties through custom-fit integration of systems & personalized targeting

Factsheet itmX Marketing

Read in the factsheet how itmX marketing helps you to turn leads into enthusiastic customers

Learn more on the digital platform for marketing,
Sales and Service

virtual Xperience - itmX marketing
You can expect:
  • The perfect customer journey: an overview of all processes from marketing and sales to service and commerce

  • Selected expert webinars

  • Overview of all processes and their implementation with exciting application examples

  • Factsheets and lots of additional content

Uniform marketing processes for an excellent customer journey

  • clear budget and annual planning

  • comprehensive campaign planning and execution

  • automated email marketing: inbound and outbound

  • DSGVO-compliant communication with customers and prospects

  • efficient lead management

  • professional task management

  • integrated sales kit management

  • successful event management

  • meaningful reporting of marketing activities

  • integrated collaboration tools

Sounds interesting?

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Learn in minutes how marketing experts inspire their customers with a seamless customer journey.

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These solutions support your marketing processes

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