Increase the success of your marketing activities

Convincing customer experiences, a personalized and privacy-compliant approach, as well as the transfer of qualified leads to the sales department – this is the top priority for you as a marketer.

We support you in building long-term relationships with your prospects and customers. Together we ensure that the right target group receives the right content at the right time.

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How to lead your marketing activities to success

The interplay of CRM, marketing automation and SAP

Watch the video to learn how you can build campaigns and how the interaction of itmX crm with marketing automation and SAP works.

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The itmX Travel Guide – your guide for successful CRM

Get an exclusive digital edition of our itmX Travel Guide. On 120 pages you will learn everything about current CRM topics and trends as well as international CRM projects – at the same time you will benefit from great travel tips for Santa Barbara, Hamburg, Singapore and more…

  • Clear budget and annual planning

  • Comprehensive campaign planning and implementation

  • Automated e-mail marketing: inbound and outbound

  • DSGVO-compliant communication with customers and interested parties

  • Efficient lead management

  • Professional task management
  • Integrated Sales Kit Management

  • Successful event management

  • Meaningful reporting of the marketing actions

  • Integrated collaboration tools

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Learn in minutes how marketing experts inspire their customers with a seamless customer journey.

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