Your workplace of the future – based on Microsoft Azure in the hybrid cloud

realtimeXperience is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that takes your customer experience to a new level and perfectly combines the worlds of CRM, Microsoft and SAP .

The special feature: You keep your data on premise and work device-independent in the Microsoft Azure Framework in the cloud.

No matter when, where and how your colleagues work – realtimeXperience connects all the people, data and processes of your entire company.

Modern Workplace Grafik

Revolutionize your day-to-day business

Increase your productivity and focus on impressing your customers with exceptional experiences. Thanks to itm X realtimeX perience, you can simplify and optimize your processes, successfully manage your projects and derive the decisions that drive your business forward from your data.

A little insight ?

You can’t quite imagine how all this is supposed to work together? No problem, we have put together some exemplary use cases for you here.

The components of the itmX realtimeXperience:

And that’s why we rely on powerful partnerships

SAP Zertifizierung
Zertifizierung Microsoft Partner

The itmX realtimeXperience speaks for itself – and enthusiastic customers for us

Stiebel Eltron 💚 itmX

You can find out more about this in our Customer Experience Blog

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More fun at work thanks to the perfect user experience?

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