Revolutionize your everyday work by connecting your CRM and SAP data to the Microsoft world

customer realtimeXperience 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that takes your efficiency to a new level and perfectly combines the worlds of CRM, Microsoft and SAP and leads your itmX crm into the digitized future.

No matter when, where and how your colleagues work – customer realtimeXperience 365 connects all the people, data and processes of your entire company.

The special feature: You keep your data on premise and work device-independent in the Microsoft Azure Framework in the cloud.

Connect CRM, SAP, and Microsoft

Your data and processes where you need them

Every company has special processes and requirements in the areas of marketing, sales, service and commerce. And not every requirement can be covered with itmX crm . That’s why we use the Microsoft Power Platform as a low-code extension platform to make your processes fit for the future. As an add-on to your previous CRM solution, customer realtimeXperience 365 builds on the existing data and processes and ensures that your available working time is used as efficiently as possible, so that you can take care of the further development of your business.

Increase your productivity and focus on impressing your customers with exceptional experiences. Thanks to itmX customer realtimeXperience 365, you can simplify and optimize your processes, manage your projects successfully and derive the decisions that drive your business forward from your data.

How customer realtimeXperience 365 maximizes the efficiency of your day-to-day work

You can’t quite imagine how all this is supposed to work together? No problem, we have put together some exemplary use cases for you here.

officeXperience Devices360° view anytime and anywhere with the smart Outlook add-in

Put an end to annoying jumping back and forth between IT systems or copying information back and forth. With officeXperience, you will receive all CRM information about the contact person and the company directlyin your Outlook mailbox. Checking in e-mails is also child’s play – one mouse click is all it takes and the e-mail is archived at the contact person. You can now even control the creation of activities or sales opportunities directly from your e-mail inbox.

Take a look for yourself >>

Automation Submit a travel expense request from CRM Visit Report

Automation is the be-all and end-all when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your business processes. So why not automate repetitive tasks or routine processes?

In the following video, we show you how, for example, you can initiate a travel expense request directly from a visit report in the CRM.

This way >>

CooperationCRM Mail Briefing

Receive the most important information from the itmX crm regularly and proactively directly into your Outlook mailbox.

Whether daily or weekly, the CRM Mail Briefing regularly reminds you of your:

  • Overdue tasks
  • Upcoming visits
  • current offers and orders
  • existing and new sales opportunities
  • Existing and new service notifications
  • ….


Voice to Text Visit Report

Entering visit reports via voice is nothing new. In the age of artificial intelligence, however, you can make this process much more efficient by not only transcribing the spoken text, but also analyzing it in such a way that the corresponding information is routed directly to the CRM. And from there, fully automated follow-up activities are created based on the spoken text.

For example, a sales opportunity including product and sales value can be created directly from the spoken visit report and forwarded to the office staff for further processing.

Offer approval via Microsoft Teams

Get to your approvals faster by deploying approval workflows directly in Microsoft Teams .

In the case of an offer, it is still created directly in the CRM and stored there. Thanks to Microsoft Power Automate, the approval process is now initiated in such a way that the people involved in the process receive a notification via Microsoft Teams and can now also approve the offer directly there.

This saves you the hassle of pushing e-mails or documents back and forth and also gives you full transparency about the status of the workflow.

Take a look for yourself >>

And that’s why we rely on powerful partnerships

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This is what customers who already use components of itmX realtimeXperience say

These components are part of the itmX customer realtimeXperience 365:

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