officeXperience – the smart Outlook add-in with seamless access to your data in CRM and SAP ERP ECC or S/4HANA

88 received emails and 34 sent emails take up more than 2 hours of work time on average – this is the sober reality of everyday life (Gartner study). 
Mit officeXperience, dem neuen Outlook-Add-In, vereinfachen Sie Ihre Prozesse und bringen Speed in Ihre tägliche Arbeit mit Outlook und dem CRM. Dank der vollständigen Integration macht das Arbeiten einfach mehr Spaß!With officeXperience, the new Outlook add-in, you simplify your processes and bring speed into your daily work with Outlook and the CRM. Thanks to the complete integration, working is simply more fun!

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What officeXperience can do

Microsoft meets CRM and SAP ERP ECC or S/4HANA

Our customers have successfully implemented the new solution and benefit from a more efficient use of their employees’ working time.
Watch the video and be inspired by the advantages of the officeXperience solution!

More transparency for your CRM and Microsoft Outlook thanks to officeXperience

No more time-consuming searches in SAP and CRM or asking colleagues. Look forward to a completely new user experience with the Outlook add-in officeXperience.

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Virtual Xperience: experience the entire itmX crm suite up close and personal

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