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Four isolated islands, four separate worlds – marketing, sales, service and commerce still work in their own world in many companies today. Each area has its own processes, workflows and data pools. However, there is only limited exchange between them.

The tasks that arise are handled internally by each department and seem to grow and green on a good breeding ground. But the process flows that run through a department are often not picked up by other departments, but dry up in the deep blue of the ocean.

What this leads to is obvious: data is incomplete, there are duplicates and multiple versions of documents. Frequently, similar questions arise across departments and there is no overview of parallel appointments or the current status of tasks related to the customer. This list could be continued endlessly – the consequence of all this is that only provisional tunnels and bridges between departments are created. With these, however, potentials can never be fully exploited.

If the marketing, sales, service and commerce departments do not work hand in hand, you will not be able to accompany your customers adequately along the customer journey and satisfy them in the long term. Other consequences of a lack of integration include a reduction in the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, which not least leads to frustrated employees.

But what is the solution?

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With the itmX crm suite, the four isolated areas grow together into a single, integrated continent. As a result, completely new potentials unfold and synergies are created.

The powerful world of marketing, sales, service and commerce now accesses one data source, namely the data in SAP ERP ECC or S/4HANA, without interfaces. SAP data is thus a uniform basis for all departments – like the water on which the world floats. The central data ensures maximum efficiency and the ability to provide information in all departments. This means that all employees can access all information at any time and in any place.

In addition, merging the worlds enables processes to take place across departments. Process flows can now be initiated in one department and continued and successfully completed in other departments.

In marketing, for example, campaigns can be targeted and transferred directly to sales as part of lead management once a certain scoring value is reached. But sales and service also work hand in hand – after all, who, if not the service technician, can best identify new opportunities during maintenance or repair? Similarly, data from the web store or customer portal can in turn be used as part of a marketing campaign using a marketing automation tool to enrich leads and turn them into enthusiastic customers.

In order for processes to be even more efficient, networked and automated, the Modern Workplace forms the bracket for all data and information. From Microsoft Azure to Sharepoint and MS Teams to Power BI and Power Automate, numerous tools and solutions support business processes in all departments. These are as essential as the air to breathe and the clouds that irrigate the island so that growth occurs and all processes can run optimally.

And best of all: up there, at the top of the mountain, there is a true 360° view of all customer contacts along the entire customer journey. At the same time, the bird’s eye view of all departments and processes also enables in-depth reporting on all customer-related activities in marketing, sales, service and commerce. Tools such as Power BI can be used here to control and evaluate processes even more effectively.

The Volocopter of Xperience hovers above all this. Because that’s what it’s all about: unique experiences and transparency for both customers and employees. Up there, completely new perspectives open up, allowing a glimpse of future innovations, market developments and trends.

Would you like to experience how integrated business processes can take your company to a whole new level? Benefit from the best of both worlds – SAP and Microsoft – combined with the itmX crm suite.

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Stefan Eller
Stefan EllerCRM Evangelist und Geschäftsführer itmX
Stefan ist Visionär, Innovator und CRM-Evangelist der ersten Stunde. Bereits seit den frühen 90er Jahren bewegen ihn die Themenbereiche Marketing, Vertrieb und Service. Des Weiteren begleiten ihn die Themen Integration und User Experience seit Beginn seiner Karriere.