Meesenburg KG relies on itmX crm to digitize its sales department

Pforzheim, June 2021The traditional family business Meesenburg sees itself as a competence partner in the window, door and building trades. Meesenburg KG not only combines experience, product quality and innovative strength, but is above all distinguished by its close contact with its customers. In order to intensify this relationship from now on and to understand customers even better and to serve them according to their needs, Meesenburg chose the itmX crm suite.

itmX crm to provide transparency on cross- and upselling potential

Today, the Meesenburg product range for doors and windows is available on site, over the phone and via various digital channels such as our own omni-channel platform or classic field visits.

Through the shop system, customers are already supported digitally and can place their orders there. Coupled with the active field service, which is in close contact with customers, Meesenburg already has a very thorough knowledge of its customers. With the use of the CRM software from itmX, this is now to be brought together beyond the different systems and platforms in order to offer customers and prospective customers an even more individual customer experience.

In future, every sales representative should have all the relevant information about their customers ready at any place and at any time. This 360-degree view, which includes all information such as current orders, history data, complaints, etc. , is intended to enable sales to serve customers even better and more targeted.

“We want our customers to feel safe with us, because we know their business and their needs at all times. In order to implement this goal, our sales team needs relevant information about the customer and their needs everywhere and at all times. All in all, we were looking for a tool that would save our salespeople time and make them even more successful,” explains Hans Bentheimer, Managing Director of Meesenburg KG.

With the introduction of itmX crm, Meesenburg pursues clear goals. On the one hand, a significant increase in transparency over all sales phases is to be created. However, the aim is also to identify crossand upselling potentials at an early stage and to be able to react to them. The salespeople should have a permanent overview of their customers and receive suggestions for possible upselling potential from the system. On the other hand, customer-centric information is to be made available across all departments and systems. The itmX crm suite scored with its deep and interface-free SAP integration.

Sales app supports field service on the road with a 360° customer view

From now on, the Meesenburg field service can retrieve all information on customers and interested parties via the 360° view. In addition to the normal contact information, this includes, above all, figures and facts about the customer, such as open positions, but also information about the customers crossand up-selling potential. The integrated sales kit also gives the distributor direct access to all relevant catalogues during the meeting, which can help customers and prospective customers make a purchase decision. By integrating all digital sales channels directly into the CRM, the sales team has gathered the required information with just a few clicks, saving a lot of time.

What the sales of Meesenburg will be most pleased about is the recording of the visit reports directly on site by voice input. No more tedious typing of handwritten notes, but simply quickly communicate the most important facts about the appointment to your smartphone right after the appointment in the car.

itmX crm scores with complete SAP integration

Decisive for the decision in favour of itmX crm was not only the deep SAP integration, which allows a true 360° view of all customer details, but also the innovative mobile solution for smartphones and tablets. This not only enables the field staff to better prepare and carry out visits even while on the go, but also makes the follow-up of the appointment much more convenient. In addition to visitor reports, new sales opportunities and further customer data can be recorded directly on site.

Stefan Ohrts, Managing Director of Meesenburg KG, describes the collaboration.

“ItmX as a partner was not only the complete integration of the solution into SAP ERP. From the very first presentation, the chemistry between the two parties was in agreement and itmX was always able to score points with competent answers to all outstanding questions.

Michael Stump, Managing Director of itmX GmbH, adds: “We are proud to be able to accompany Meesenburg KG on its further path of digitalization and are confident that with our deep SAP integration we will not only inspire the entire Meesenburg team, but also their customers with an even more personalized customer journey.