Today, even the smallest electronic components contain sensors that can detect a wide range of conditions. Each of us has already had contact with different sensors – knowingly or unknowingly. Be it when using our mobile phones, smart watches, fitness bracelets or smart home elements.

The sensors help us to optimize and simplify processes in our private environment. Examples would be measuring distance and speed when jogging, automatically closing windows based on moisture detection or switching the heating on and off based on the outside temperature.

Sensor technology is also already widely used in industry. The keywords IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 are mainly used as synonyms for this. Every machine and even every electronic component already contains a large number of sensors and thus valuable information about the machine status. This machine information offers the possibility to optimize existing services or even to build completely new business models. However, the existing potential is not yet fully exploited in most cases.

The integration of IoT scenarios into existing process and system landscapes is indispensable.

Many of the existing IoT scenarios today run in a separate cloud or software solution and provide important information there. However, in order to benefit from the machine information in the medium and long term, integration into your existing process and system landscape or, better said, docking to your processes and master data is indispensable.

Most of the master and transaction data is located in an SAP ERP ECC or S/4HANA and thus also in the itmX crm suite. The link to equipment in the form of automatically updated measuring points and the automatic triggering of service notifications when certain threshold values are exceeded help to make your service processes even faster and more efficient. The trick is to send the service technician on a service call before the machine breaks down. This benefits both the machine manufacturer, as he can provide higher quality machines, and the customer (who has the machine in operation), as downtime is minimized or even eliminated altogether.

We have implemented exactly this scenario within our itmX crm suite in our Innovation Labs!

itmX crm meets IoT

itmX crm meets IoT

If you are also dealing or want to deal with the topics IoT, Industry 4.0 and/or Predictive Services and do not yet know exactly how to link this information optimally with your existing processes and master data, then we are the right contact. Contact us and we will be very glad to help you.

Robin Hartmann
Robin HartmannBusiness Development
As Business Development Manager Robin is responsible for the optimization and expansion of the itmX portfolio. As a creative and lateral thinker, he is primarily driven by innovation topics. Through his additional involvement in our pre-sales activities, he experiences the real business requirements first-hand and enjoys driving them forward in the itmX crm suite.