Microsoft had already announced in 2018 that it would switch off Basic Authentication for Exchange Online in October 2020. In response to the global COVID-19 crisis, this deadline has now been moved to the second half of 2021. An exact date will follow.

The official Microsoft announcement can be found here:

What is the difference between Basic Authentication and Modern Authentication?

Basic Authentication is part of the HTTP protocol. The user of a Web browser authenticates himself or herself to a Web server or Web application by entering his or her user name and password, and is then authorized for further access.

A major disadvantage of Basic Authentication is that the credentials entered are virtually not encrypted and are therefore vulnerable to hackers.

The successor, Modern Authentication, guarantees secure user authentication and authorization by using OAuth 2.0 tokens. These tokens have a limited validity, can only be used for this one application itself and cannot be reused.

What does this mean for you as an itmX customer?

Since our previous interface used “Exchange Webservices” in conjunction with username/password authentication, we have developed a new interface with Release 8.0 FP 1 that supports OAuth 2 and also supports multi-factor authentication

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