8 Wisdom for Optimal CRM in a Modern Working World

Identify potentials that you can harness with the help of CRM

The world of work is constantly changing. Digitalization, smart technologies and ever-increasing networking are creating enormous potential in marketing, sales and service, which you can exploit with the help of optimal customer relationship management (CRM) – better today than tomorrow!

That’s why we’ve compiled the best tips, insights and suggestions from over 20 years of CRM expertise for you and updated well-known sayings for the 21st century. Find out what’s behind the 8 pieces of wisdom…

This is what you can expect in the e-book:

  • Content rarely comes alone: This is how lead nurturing and marketing automation succeed

  • Tidiness in data storage is half the battle: ensuring seamless collaboration

  • After the purchase is before the purchase: This is how you make your after-sales successful

  • … and much more

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Wisdom 1

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Content rarely comes alone

Lead nurturing and marketing automation for tailor-made customer contact

Wisdom 2

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All roads lead through the net

Integrated e-commerce solutions for a holistic customer journey

Wisdom 3

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Order in the data storage is half the life

Professional document management for seamless collaboration

Wisdom 4

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Trust is good, data-based planning is better

Potential-driven visit planning for effective field service

Wisdom 5

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A sales person is only as good as his presentation

Digital product presentation instead of samples and catalogues

Wisdom 6

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Good follow-up is half the battle

Efficient follow-up of visits for a smooth transfer of information

Wisdom 7

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After the purchase is before the purchase

Excellent customer service for successful after-sales

Wisdom 8

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What is broken should be repaired

Digitize service processes for maximum efficiency and top customer experiences

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