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  • Kampagnenmanagement

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    Campaign Management in Modern Marketing The Right Strategy for Effective Campaign Execution In the ever-changing environment of marketing, campaign management is a [...]

  • Marketing Automation

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    Marketing Automation in mittelst├Ąndischen B2B Unternehmen: Effizienzsteigerung und Wachstumsf├Ârderung durch Automatisierung Die Welt des Marketings hat sich in den letzten Jahren [...]

  • E-Book Marketing Automation im Mittelstand


    Your successful start with marketing automation How marketing automation can also be implemented in medium-sized companies and integrated with CRM Download now [...]

  • itmx marketing automation kampagnenplanung Screen

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    More leads at less cost? Marketing Automation makes it possible! Marketing automation has been an integral part of lead management for several [...]

  • Design Thinking Process

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    Personalized and automated marketing with marketing automation The term Marketing Automation is on everyone's lips these days. But what does marketing automation [...]

  • Lead Nurturing, Gr├╝ne Bananen Strategie

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    Lead Nurturing - how to get your leads to close the sale At the latest, if you deal intensively with lead management [...]

  • Power BI Template f├╝r Evalanche

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    From customer experience to customer intelligence: the key to better customer acquisition and retention In today's digital era, where customer expectations [...]

  • TikTok in B2B Unternehmen

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    TikTok in B2B companies - top or flop? Short dance videos, funny entertainment clips and voiceovers - that's TikTok. The still [...]

  • Marketing Analytics

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    Marketing success with marketing analytics Nowadays, many different tools are used in marketing. Be it Google Analytics, SISTRIX, a CRM or CMS [...]