What does CRM mean?

Customer relationship management, or CRM for short, is about the relationship management of customers and potential customers, which is professionally managed with the help of a CRM system.

It is important to develop relationships with existing customers in the medium and long term, to improve customer loyalty to the company in order to avoid customer fluctuation and cancellations, and to acquire new customers. The tasks and processes required for this must be well managed.

A CRM system helps companies to optimize processes and departments so that everyone can work together perfectly and everyone has a comprehensive view of the information and documents that belong together around the customer.

Was bedeutet CRM?

Components of a CRM system

In the classic sense, a CRM solution consists of the areas of marketing, sales and service. In a digitalized world, however, commerce and analytics are part of that, because without key figures, it is difficult to improve processes.

In a CRM system, information about potential and existing customers is recorded and interactions such as e. g. Notes on phone calls or e-mails documenting offers and opportunities.

Thanks to the CRM system you have all the important information in one place and a complete 360° view of your customers. This way you understand your customers and can optimally support them and strengthen not only the customer relationship but also your sales in the long term.

CRM solution in marketing

Marketing can use the CRM system to manage tasks professionally and efficiently. This gives you much more transparency and better communication in the team and with sales.

You can collect and evaluate relevant information about your customers and prospects and generate qualified leads through targeted and automated marketing measures. This gives you a holistic overview of your customers and prospects throughout the entire customer journey.

CRM solution in sales

The sales team receives extensive information about its customers and prospects through the CRM. Important data can be enriched and are then permanently available. In this way, the efficiency of the processes is increased and the sales department is optimally supplied with knowledge about its customers in the sales process.

The CRM system helps the sales manager to always keep an eye on the sales pipeline. Current opportunities can be viewed and discussed in the team and follow-up steps can be defined in order to increase the probability of closing and increase customer loyalty.

CRM solution in service

Customer loyalty not only arises in sales, but also in service. With the help of a CRM solution, customers can also be persuaded in the complaint process. With a service portal, customers can record digital fault reports or independently retrieve information on orders or spare parts.

Thanks to the CRM, technician assignments can be optimally planned and crossand up-selling potentials exploited, since all important customer data is available and recorded.

Benefits of a CRM solution

The more you know about your customers and are able to access that knowledge in a targeted manner, the better you will be able to serve them. This does not only apply to sales, but starts with marketing and goes beyond service.

With a CRM system you not only improve contact management and customer loyalty but also productivity and effectiveness in the company. It is possible to work together across teams and take targeted measures based on reliable information. In addition, you have an overview of your key figures and can improve your processes and increase sales.

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